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Hubertus von Schoenebeck

Hubertus von Schoenebeck – Foto von Ralph Eckstein

Dr. phil. Hubertus von Schoenebeck was born in 1947. He has two adult and two younger children.

In 1966 he graduated at a humanist grammar school oriented toward ancient languages, thus gaining access to the university.

From 1969 to 1972 he studied law in order to acquire a profound understanding of juridical cerebration, constitutional law, and European history of law.

He then studied and completed his studies obtaining a Master degree as a secondary-school teacher for natural sciences. After this he attended a teacher‑training which certifies him as a secondary-school teacher by the German State.

In 1975 and 1976 he worked as a secondary-school teacher for Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Technology. During this time he was elected teacher of confidence by the students.

From 1976 to 1978 he investigated the possibilities of non-educational (post-educational) communication with children in a scientific field study and graduated in 1980 at the Universität Osnabrück. In the scope of his research he studied the »Children's Rights Movement« in the USA and discussed the subject of posteducational communication with Carl R. Rogers, founder of the client-centered therapy, in California.

From 1976 to 1980 he derived the postmodern philosophy and ethics »Amication« from the experience and the results of his research.

In 1978, together with Jans-Ekkehard Bonte, he wrote »Freundschaft mit Kindern«, the first concept for posteducational theory and practice. The same year they both founded the »Friendship With Children Support Organisation« (AMICATION – Förderkreis e.V.).

In 1980, at the »Peace Market« (Friedensmarkt) in Münster, he proclaimed the »German Children's Manifesto« (Deutsches Kindermanifest), a listing of young people's rights from the perspective of the Children's Rights Movement.

In 1985 he introduced the seminar »Self-Responsibility-Training« (»Selbst-Verantwortungs-Training«) with specific group dynamics for developing personal self-responsibility.

Since 1978 Hubertus von Schoenebeck is active as representative and speaker of the »Friendship With Children Support Organization«. His objective is to introduce »Amication«, the noneducational view of life, and the idea of selfcompassion. He gives lectures at universities and other educational centers in and outside of Germany and conducts seminars to train amicative communication. His international activity in Poland, Czechia, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy has already spread the posteducational idea, and some of his books are available in Polish and Czech.

Hubertus von Schoenebeck has written various papers and books on posteducational life and Amication, among others:
»Freundschaft mit Kindern« (Friendship with Children) 1978
»Der Versuch, ein kinderfreundlicher Lehrer zu sein« (Trying to Be a Child-friendly Teacher) 1980
»Kinderrechtsbewegung und Deutsches Kindermanifest« (Children's Rights Movement and the German Children's Manifesto) 1981
»Unterstützen statt erziehen« (Support Instead of Education) 1982
»Ich liebe mich so wie ich bin« (I Love Myself As I Am) 1983
»Jenseits der Erziehung« (Beyond Education) 1986
»Die erziehungsfreie Praxis« (Non‑educational Practice) 1993
»Grundlagen der erziehungsfreien Lebensführung« (Basics of the Non-educational Way of Life) 1997
»Kinder in der Demokratie – Politische Emanzipation, Deutsches Kindermanifest, Wahlrecht für Kinder« (Children in Democracy Political Liberation, German Children's Manifesto, Children's Suffrage) 2001
»Schule mit menschlichem Antlitz« (School with a Human Countenance) 2001
»Amication – Themensammlung« (Amication – a Compilation) 2003
»Kinder der Morgenröte« (Children of Dawn) 2004.

Hubertus von Schoenebeck mit Kind – Foto Hubertus von Schoenebeck beim Spielen – Foto von Ralph Eckstein Hubertus von Schoenebeck beim Tragen eines Kindes – Foto